About Us

Our Story

For ten years, the play360 team traveled around the world, working with cities and villages to create playful learning spaces for the children in their communities. In partnership, we built over 100 playgrounds in 12 countries.

And then: the 2020 global pandemic. 

So, in 2021, we gathered all of our best practices and lessons learned and, like the rest of the world, started to think differently. We built online courses, developed virtual mentorships, and launched our free, online PlayMaker course. 

Now, with easy access to tested and proven coursework and strategies, community leaders across the globe have the power to envision, design, and build playful learning opportunities for their communities.

Our Approach

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Local Leaders, Local Solutions, Local Materials

We provide a locally-led solution for global leaders seeking to create play-based learning opportunities for children in their communities. Our free, online PlayMaker course delivers transferable leadership skills like project management, stakeholder engagement, budget development, collaborating with government entities, and strategic media. 

As PlayMaker participants progress through the course, they receive one-on-one mentorship and cohort support in designing and refining their own playground project. Upon course completion, “certified” PlayMakers submit a detailed budget, asset list, and playground proposal; upon approval, PlayMakers receive a seed funding to construct their project using readily available local materials.

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Adapt, Innovate, Grow, Support

Imaginative, resourceful, and dedicated, established PlayMakers continue to build, beyond their initial training and certification. As play360’s global network continues to grow, we are expanding virtual resources, connectivity, and internal infrastructure so new and veteran PlayMakers can sustain and champion each other with their own best practices and lessons learned.  

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