Become a PlayMaker

Become a PlayMaker in your community

From playground builds across the world, we’ve taken all our best practices and lessons learned, and created a cohort-driven, step-by-step guide that walks you through everything you need to know to build a playground in your community. 

Read below for more information about play360’s PlayMaker course. Interested PlayMakers may submit an application to be considered to join the next scheduled playmaker cohort. 

Course Overview

Self-Paced and Online

Presented in a cohort model in two sections, the training for the PlayMaker course is self-paced and delivered through a series of video modules, virtual meetings, and one-on-one mentor calls. 
Once you’ve been accepted into the PlayMaker program, you will be given access to our online course system and can view the course modules on a desktop computer or on your mobile.

Section 1: Project Management

A staff member explains how to use paint in your design.

Module 1: Introduction

calculator painted tires

Module 2: Playground 101

People moving big tires

Module 3: Community 101

Module 4:
Design 101

PlayMaker Project Management Certificate

Awarded on completion of Module 4.

Section 2: Design & Build

Classroom with teachers

Module 5:
Planning 201

Module 6:

Module 7:
Follow Up & Through

Advanced PlayMaker Certificate

Awarded on completion of Module 7. At this stage, you are eligible to apply for a grant to help you build your project.

Depending on the size and scope of your project, the entire PlayMaker course requires, on average, about 30 hours of your time. Your play360 trainers will expect you to engage with your community, complete surveys, and provide feedback. We also love all your photos and videos! We will ask that you share outcomes regarding your coursework and your projects. If awarded a play360 build grant, we will ask you to complete additional reporting.

When you join play360’s PlayMaker course, you become part of a growing global ecosystem of community leaders creating and building dynamic and playful spaces in their towns, schools, villages. Based on their achievements and struggles, your experienced fellow PlayMakers can help answer questions, provide guidance, and share best tips and practices. We want success for you and your project!

Not ready for the full course?

Mini-Module Skill Builders

Get an idea of how play360 PlayMakers plan, build, and beautify
their playgrounds with these simple, step-by-step lessons!

Lay Out Your Playground

Design with Wood

Build with Tires

Make It Beautiful

Construct a Swing Seat

Create a Community Mural


The course is currently offered free of charge. Submit an application and, if your application is approved, we will notify you and you will receive additional instructions and access to the PlayMaker course.

We would LOVE for you to take the course with other changemakers! To do so, you can submit just one application, but be sure to list all of your team members on the application so that we can give them access to the course if the application is approved. 

After the PlayMaker course is completed, and you are approved for a playground grant, we will assign a project mentor to work with you. The project mentor will support you and provide you with all the details for a successful playground build. We ask that you complete a final project report, provide video and/or photographs of your project, and share your success on social media.

Expect to spend approximately USD $1000 to build a quality playground. Some PlayMakers spend less if they have items donated. We will work with you to design a playground that fits your budget. 

Apply to the PlayMaker course! We will review your application and respond within seven days. 

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