Education is a
community effort

$500 sponsors a playmaker!

Play360 Playmakers are Changemakers

Creating a better educational experience for children is the heart and soul of our play360 playmakers. But doing the hard work to make it happen takes a certain kind of community driven, inspired person who believes in the power of play and the strength of community in bringing a project to fruition. We find these spectacular change makers in the form of teachers, parents, neighbors, organizations and students.

In the rural communities of Belize schools are single
room structures and kids attend classes only a few hours a day.  A local elementary teacher reached out to play360 with the idea that a playground would help the children enjoy school more and might increase attendance rates. She gathered the community and in just a few short days a project took root in the hearts and minds of the community.

Become a Play360 Playmaker

Apply to become a play360 playmaker and receive access to our signature project management and
playground design course. Finish the course and apply for a $500 grant to build your playground.

What kind of playmaker are you?

Playmakers come in all kinds. Are you a passionate community member who wants to make a difference? Are you a member of an organization that works to improve education and opportunity for children? Are you a student inspired to learn playmaking skills and contribute to a better world? Whatever kind of playmaker you are, the play360 PlayMaker course is for you.

Apply for the play360 PlayMaker online course

Play360 playmakers are committed to not just building a playground in their community but also to learning new skills and abilities in project management, community organization and playground design. If you are inspired to do a project and willing to do the hard work to get there, apply to become a play360 playmaker.

Complete the course. Apply for a grant. Build your playground

Successfully complete the PlayMaker course and you will earn yourself the opportunity to apply for a $500 grant towards your playground build project as well as receiving 1:1 mentorship every step of the way. You did the work, we are committed to your success!

Complete the PlayMaker Course and qualify for a $500 grant for your playground project!

Play360 fellows

The play360 fellows program is a highly competitive program designed for playmakers who have completed at least two projects. Fellows are dedicated playmakers in a geographical region who receive a stipend to work directly with aspiring playmakers and organizations. We are currently designing this program for implementation in 2022.

If you are a play360 playmaker and you are interested in becoming a fellow, please complete this short preliminary application to let us know of your interest.

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