Transforming Education
through Playgrounds

Transforming education
one playground at a time

At play360, we work together with community leaders to build low-cost, educational playgrounds. Alongside local partners, we inspire innovative ways of teaching and learning that lead to happy kids and improved childhood outcomes.








Children Playing

Play360 works directly with people and groups around the globe.
We support community-led projects that fit local resources and local needs.
Our approach puts the build project in the hands of the teachers, families, and neighbors, 
giving them the opportunity to make change in the lives of their children and their communities.

Our Story

Jon Racek, founder of play360, started his own PlayMaker journey while traveling in Thailand with his family. “Creative thinking and design paired with community action can be a powerful tool in making safe, educational play spaces for kids.” 

Meet our PlayMakers

Cracy Than


Cracy Than, founder and executive director of Noor Education and Community Center, participated in the 2019 DeBoer Fellowship, the 2017 Parami Leadership Program, and the U.S. Department of State’s 2014 Burma Youth Leadership Program.

Megor Ikuenobe


A medical doctor committed to early child-hood education, Megor Ikuenobe serves as Executive Director of Lead Oak Woman and Children Foundation and a play360 partner in the development of educational resources for educators and playground makers.  



Walter is an enthusiastic PlayMaker committed to helping children have better lives. He was instrumental in the creation of Tanzanian playgrounds at the Zanzibar Madrassa Resource Center and the Friends of Children with Cancer.  

Sponsor a PlayMaker

When you donate $500, you match the
same amount that has been raised by
the PlayMaker in support of their
community. Your donation validates
their hard work and provides them with
the funds needed to build a simple, fun,
and educational playground.

notes from the field


Tanzania Rights of Passage

Contributed by: Jon Racek On a playground building trip to Arusha Tanzania, we partnered with the Michigan State University Tanzania Partnership Program where we worked

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Play Matters Research

Learning Through Play; increasing impact, reducing inequality. Drawing evidence from early childhood learning programmes across 18 countries, as well as from interviews with the authors

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