When education is better
everything is better

All children deserve a
safe place to play

Play is a fundamental human right acknowledged by the United Nations and recognized as critical to a child’s successful development. Yet, across the world and especially in rural communities of the global south, children are without safe places to play or permission to play. Poverty, child labor and fear of crime rob children of opportunities to engage in the world with unrestrained joy, curiosity and creativity. Play360 brings playgrounds to schools, combining the spirt of play with the quest for a better education and future for our children.

Children who
are exposed
to play in early

Not just any playground

A Play360 playground is not just any playground. Every piece of play equipment supports basic education skills such as reading, math and critical thinking. Play360 designs play equipment alongside curriculum that educators can use to support their teaching and improve learning outcomes. Play360 playgrounds train leaders, inspire community action, improve educational outcomes and keep kids in school.

Every piece of play equipment has several educational uses.

Educators participate in a comprehensive training program to support the use of the playground in their classroom

Curriculum guides and additional didactic material accompanies every playground build

Play Matters

Take a look at the research:

Learning Through Play

Recess and Emotional Health

The Relationship between Physical Activity and Cognition

PLAY and 21st Skills

Play is the vital activity that children use to learn about and interact with their world, and gain
the mental, physical and social skills necessary to succeed in their adult lives. Play also has
important links to developing key skills that serve as a foundation for life-long success,
including critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and collaboration. Often referred
to as 21st century skills, these capabilities complement core subject matter knowledge and
are highly valued in a world that is increasingly complex, competitive, and interconnected.


Creative thinking is a critical skill to adapt to modern challenges


Communication builds relationships of trust and safety


Critical thinking inspires independence and promotes justice


Collaboration is the basis of strong communities

Bring a Play360 playground to your community

You can be the change in your community! Play360 educates local leaders to design and build playgrounds in their communities. It takes commitment and hard work but the reward is returned in the form of hundreds of smiles from children who are learning and laughing and experiencing the transformative power of play.

Complete the
PlayMaker Course
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