Simple. Spectacular.

Playgrounds should be in every school

At play360 we believe that every child has the right to education and the opportunity to play. Unfortunately, in much of the world, schools are lacking the most basic of resources to enable students to learn. Play360 playgrounds are designed to be educational tools that support teachers in accomplishing learning outcomes without any additional materials. Play360 playgrounds are simple, durable and designed to support student learning.


Design with purpose

At Play360 we design our play structures imaging them as fun outlets for much needed creative and active play but also as elements of an expanded curriculum that supports educators with learning outcomes.

Simple, Safe and Strong

At Play360 we believe in creating simple, quality projects. Our designs are not fancy but they are fun and functional -two qualities that we believe contributes to their durability and safety. All playground builders receive safety training and all school staff are trained to practice safety checks to be sure that the equipment is maintained.

Locally Sourced

At Play360 we design projects together with the community. We suggest materials and our local leaders look for similar ones that are accessibly priced and readily available. We know that if the materials are familiar and the tools are local, our playground maintenance and future growth will always be in the hands of the community.

Connected to Curriculum

At Play360 we know that the job of an educator is incredibly hard. In lower resourced schools educators are often without basic materials to do their work. For this reason we have designed play equipment that connects with basic curriculum and we train educators to use it as a means to supplement and improve their instruction.

Curriculum Connection

During every playground construction, educators are invited to participate in several workshops to learn how they can use the playground to support education.  Often, in moments of creativity and inspiration, educators design new uses that fit their curriculum and their needs.

The play360
curriculum guide

  • Mathematics
  • Grammatical Skills
  • Literary Skills
  • Scientific Concepts
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Geography
  • History
  • Civics
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