Play360 Fellows

One of our favorite ways to create efficient long-term sustainable impact is through the Play360 Fellowship program. We are always looking for qualified volunteers to spend 6 to 12 months living and working in Play360 target countries. Each fellowship is a customized program with mutually set goals that generally consist of working with local communities to identify interest, training them through the process, managing project builds, and doing follow-up visits.

Ideal candidates for fellowship are those who have been living in a community, such as Peace Corps volunteers finishing their service, or those who have other close connections to local communities that could benefit from Play360 training programs. There is no one ideal candidate and we encourage everyone who is interested to apply, that said, this program would not be a good fit for someone as a first international volunteer experience.

Fellow benefits:

  • Living stipend on par with a local teacher salary;
  • One-on-one coaching and customized support;
  • An opportunity to develop leadership and management skills;
  • An incredible resume line


  • Reach mutually set goals
  • Communicate regularly for feedback and support
  • Send monthly status reports
  • Take care of provided equipment

Application process

  • Step 1:
    • Fill out interest formhere
    • Email resume and personal statement to
    • Personal statement should address topics such as why this opportunity interests you, countries where you have lived or worked, and what personal qualities you believe make you a good fit for this opportunity
  • Step 2:  We will contact you for additional information and set up an interview.