Play Matters

Play matters. Research backs it up.

Play360  is  focused  on  improving  early  childhood  development. The evidence is clear and research has proven that play is essential to develop a physically healthy child with cognitive, social, emotional skills that prepare them for success in school and life. And we believe, no matter their circumstances, that every child deserves their best chance for success.  

American Academy of Pediatrics

“Play is essential to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of children beginning in early childhood. Children who live in poverty often face socioeconomic obstacles that impede their rights to have playtime, thus affecting their healthy social-emotional development. For children who are under resourced to reach their highest potential, it is essential that parents, educators, and pediatricians recognize the importance of lifelong benefits that children gain from play.”   see full article

How to get kids to love learning

“More than 59 million children around the world, does not continue their education in primary school.  The situation is pronounced in southeast Asia and sub-sahara Africa. Poverty and family background are the leading accelerators to children’s dropout rates.” 


“Across  the  developing  world,  over  200  million  children  under  the  age  of  five  are  not  establishing  a strong  developmental  foundation  for  a  myriad  of  reasons  –  violence,  poor  health,  poor  schools,  etc. What happens  – or  doesn’t  happen  –  to  children  in  the  earliest  years  of  their  lives  is  of  critical importance,  both  to  their  immediate  well-being  and  to  their  future. ” (UNICEF)

Do Schools Kills Creativity?

Why don’t we get the best out of people? Sir Ken Robinson believes that it’s because we’ve been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers. Students with restless minds and bodies — far from being cultivated for their energy and curiosity — are ignored or even stigmatized, with terrible consequences. “We are educating people out of their creativity,

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