24 countries. 144 playgrounds.


Megor Ikuenobe is a force for good.  A medical doctor and the Executive Director of Lead Oak Women and Children Foundation, she is a 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow and the recipient of many awards.  In Nigeria she leads the EDUPLAY Africa initiative which in partnership with play360 will build educational playgrounds for students in public schools.  Currently a pilot project of 30 schools is underway. 


In partnership with FUNDAP (Fundacion para el Desarollo Integral de Programas Socioeconomicos), play360 has supported the construction of 24 playgrounds in the Central Highlands of Guatemala where 65% of the population lives in extreme poverty. 


Throught the network of the Mayan Alliance and in relationship with public school educators, play360 has worked with playmakers across the country to build playgrounds and renovate play spaces.  Poverty and the need for child labor to support agriculture production is a significant challenge to regular school attendance across Belize.


In action with the Tanzania Partnership program and with the support of Dr. Machumu of Dar Saalam University and Dr. Malekela of Michigan State University, play360 has built 8 playgrounds in Tanzania and inspired the continued construction of playgrounds in the impoverished communities of  Lindi and Arusha.

Sponsor a Playmaker

At play360 we believe in empowering our playmakers with the skills and support that they need to design and create simple, educational play spaces for children. Each of our committed playmakers has completed more than 15 hours of hands on training before they are eligible to apply for a playmaker grant to support their work. In most cases they must provide at least 50% of the funding that they need in order to receive a matching grant from Play360. When you support a playmaker, you know that your funds are going to dedicated community change makers who will use them to directly support play in their community.