Payments and Donations

It is only with your help that all of these projects are possible

Play360 is a registered non-profit managed by a dedicated team of volunteers.

All donations are applied to project expenses.

In most cases, part or all of your trip fees can be recorded as a donation. Since each project is different, please contact us for information on a case by case basis.

We welcome direct donations (via check to the address listed to the side), or please use the Paypal link below.  The memo field is available if you have a specific project or activity that you would like to support.

We’re going to Uganda in the Summer of 2020 – help us get there! Help us raise $7000 to fund a new training project just south of Kampala. Working together with a local school serving 264 primary students and 175 high school students we will host a playground build and training. Part of this unique trip will include integrating project management skills into the high school curriculum leading up to the program, and working closely with the older students to build their capacity in program planning and implementation, volunteer and resource management, project budgeting, and more. 

How far will your donation go?

$1000 provides funding to a freshly trained community member to replicate the project concept in additional locations using local resources and ideas.

$250 paints a playground. Paint is an essential part of the project – in addition to protecting the materials from the elements, the bold colors of a freshly painted playground stimulate energy and promote pride in the project. 

$50 sponsors a tether ball with rope, clip, and metal post. One of our favorite and most feasible pieces of play equipment is the tetherball court. Accessible to all ages and abilities, a tetherball court can be built and enjoyed literally anywhere and has many fun classroom lessons that it can be used for (in addition to being so much fun!)

$20 provides a complete training packet to a community member learning how to build a playground out of local resources and labor.

General Fund – any amount to operating expenses. Designated to where we have the greatest need.  

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