Our Approach

Playmaker inspired. Community supported.

We believe that the best projects are those that are born from the community and built by the community. We provide training and support for inspired local leaders and invest in them with personalized support, matching funds for playground projects and long term mentorship. We know that one leader can transform their community well beyond playgrounds.

Leadership is learned

Cracy Than is a young entrepreneur and recognized community leader. She started the Noor Education and Community Center to train other young people in language and leadership skills. She introduced them to the concept of building community playgrounds and inspired them to lead their own projects in the war torn and divided region of Burma/Myanmar. Cracy's commitment to passing on leadership has resulted in the construction of nearly 20 playgrounds in the region.

Currently Cracy is fighting for the rights of her people after the military takeover. Our thoughts are with her and all of her student playmakers.

The Process - from dream to done!

Interested playmakers complete an application to be considered for the program.

Selected playmakers complete the ChangeMaker course, where they will both learn and practice community building, leadership, design and practical building skills.

Play360 supports playmakers in their design and learning process, providing technical support, funding and in some cases, on-site collaboration.

Sustainable by Design

At Play360 we believe in creating simple, quality projects. We know that in order to manage and maintain a playground well, all that is needed to do so must be in the hands and knowledge of the local community. We work together with our local playmakers and community teams to support them in developing the project and designing the playground, but we carefully practice the philosophy of "guide on the side," so that our playmakers and their community team always have everything that they need to build their playground.

Community Led

Play360 projects are locally led and organized by the community. Play360 provides support as requested and works to co-create playground designs to reflect the needs of the community. Our signature ChangeMaker course provides guides and insights while facilitating independence and creativity in the project organization and action.

Education Inspired

Play360 strives to increase educational outcomes by designing play structures that serve to complement the existing curricular needs of the educators. Making learning fun and engaging students in creative learning builds capacities in 21st century skills and is backed by research as being more effective in achieving successful educational outcomes.

Sustainably Sourced

Play360's commitment to local extends to everything that we do. We source local materials and tools and work with our playmakers to adapt our designs to fit their environment or to create new ones that work for them. Whenever possible we print our curriculum guides locally and invest our resources to support the communities in which we work.

Person to Person

At Play360 we believe that spending our time in building quality committed relationships is an investment in leadership today on our playgrounds and tomorrow as our leaders become practiced community changemakers. We are committed to building personal relationships of trust and mentorship that contribute to the confidence and success of our playmakers.