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Mini-Module Skill Builders

These simple step by step lessons are designed to support you in the design and build process.  Please remember that every build will be unique based on the environment that you are working in and the materials that you have available to you.   Please use these lessons as a general outline and then consult with a construction professional on your team to determine the correct process for your play project. 

General Skills

Laying out your Playground

This simple video will give you an overview of what you need to consider when laying out and designing your playground.

All about using Wood

The basics of what you need to know to use wood in your playground build.

All about Tires

Some good things to consider when using tires in your playground build.

Using Local Materials

Just a simple reminder that it is okay (and better) to choose local materials for your playground build.

Removing Bike tire sidewalls

Learn to remove bike tire sidewalls.

Tractor Tires

Some information about working with Tractor Tires in your build.

Connecting Two Tires with a Bolt

Basic instruction on the process of using a bolt to connect tires (you will do this a lot!)

Cutting Tires

More info on how to safely cut tires.

Embedding Tires in the Ground

Learn how to properly embed a tire in the ground.

play360 Equipment

Using the Build Instruction Books

Some information on how to best use the Build instruction books.

Building the Swings

How to safely build the play360 style swing set.

How to make a Swing Seat

A step by step instructional video about how to make our most durable tire swing seat by tire guru Han Reguero.

Building a Simple Slide

Learn the basics to build a simple play360 slide structure.

The Three-Pole Rocket

Learn from basics to build the play360 three-pole rocket ship.

The Casita

All you need to know to get started building the Casita.

Building the See-Saw

Learn the basics to build the play360 style see-saw.

Building the Tire Calculator

Learn the basics to build the tire calculator.

The Tire Turner

Learn from basics to build the play360 tire turner.

Community Building

Creating a Mosaic

Basic steps to creating a community Mosaic.

Making it Beautiful

Using simple items like rocks and plants to make your playground beautiful.

Creating a Community Mural

Learn from Indira Santos about how to set up and create a mural with the community.

Making Plastic Flowers

Learn how to make recycled plastic flowers to decorate your play space.

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