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At play360, we believe that everyday people can be everyone’s heroes. Sometimes it takes learning something new or simply taking initiative and following through.   We are committed to provide direct support and mentorship to all of our playmakers.  No question is too big or small and every time you contact us you will get a real person and a timely response.  We take our commitment and shared responsibility seriously.  Your success makes the world a better place.  We are here for you. 

Questions? We’d love to hear from you.

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The course has a value of $695 but is being offered free of charge through 2022.  Although currently free, the course does require that you submit an application. If you are approved by our team, we will give you access to the PlayMaker course and you will be on your way to building a playground! 

We would LOVE for you to take the course with other changemakers!   To do so, you can submit just one application, but be sure to list all of your team members on the application so that we can give them access to the course if you are approved. 

When you have completed the changemaker course and been approved for the playground grant to start your project, we will assign you with a project mentor and they will share all the details with you and support you in how to collaborate with play360 and best demonstrate your use of funds.  

You will learn more about this in the course, but you can expect to spend $1000usd as a minimum to build a quality playground.  Some teams spend less if they can get necessary items donated.  We will work with you and your budget to come up with a playground design that works. 

Apply to the changemaker course, be sure to complete everything on the application and submit it.  We will review your application and respond within 7 days. 

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