Project Manager

In an effort to expand our outreach, we are always looking for potential Play 360 project managers – typically defined as individuals interested in leading playground training/construction trips independently. This is an exciting and mutually beneficial opportunity in which you would have the chance to travel to exciting places, engage in meaningful work, and receive a small wage on top of your paid expenses. 

The travel projects are typically 1 to 2 weeks in length, averaging 8-10 days.  The role of the project manager can manifest in a few ways, but ideally it draws someone who will be comfortable with overseeing a training program start to finish, incorporating elements of equipment selection or design, curriculum implementation, leadership development, and training of trainers depending on the location and desires of the community. If there are participating volunteers, this can also influence the trip as they may be interested in touristic or other group activities such as yoga, hiking, diving, etc.

We currently have a growing list of strong partners in nearly 20 countries and always aim for projects to be co-led by a host country organization. This means you are never working in a vacuum as we rely on these partners to assist in vetting the on-the-ground elements of project selection, lodging, transportation, and the gathering of construction materials so we can focus on programming. Whether you have construction experience or not, we can teach you how to lead a Play360 project, the most important qualification is passion for the process and people involved.

There are no minimum or maximum annual requirements, for some it makes sense to lead 5 or more projects a year while others might only do one. However, if you are interested in becoming a Play 360 project manager, there is a three step process to get there. 

  1. Learn. The first step is for you to really get to know the organization and our work by participating in one of our trips. On this first trip you will be a volunteer like the other participants, which means you will be responsible for your expenses including airfare, travel, lodging and program fee. 
  2. Train.  On your second trip, you will join as Play 360 staff on an existing trip, assisting in the overall logistics of the trip and training to be able to lead on your own. On this second trip, you are responsible for your airfare only, all of your on the ground expenses will be paid (we’ll get into the fine details later), but you will not receive a wage. 
  3. Lead.  On your third trip, you take the lead with Play360 backup and support. Your expenses will be paid and you will earn a wage.

Going forward, as you gain independence, Play360 will take less of a role in your trips. That said, you never have to move to step three and lead, you can repeat step two as many times as you’d like, we’re happy to have you join when we need extra hands. Or, if you are interested in putting your own trip together that isn’t part of our existing lineup, a Play360 staff member will always be available to support you, especially to incorporate elements of community training, curriculum development, and more.

Application Process

  • Step 1: Participate in a trip if you haven’t already
  • Step 2: Email a personal statement and resume to Your personal statement should address topics such as which project(s) you have participated in with Play360, why this opportunity interests you, countries where you have lived or worked, and anything else you want to include to demonstrate why you would be a good fit. 
  • Step 3: We will open a dialogue and talk about your overall vision for participation as a project manager and figure out a good training trip for you.

We understand not everyone fits into a defined box, please feel free to email us with questions about the process. There are no specific or minimum requirements.