Why Playgrounds?

Our Playgrounds 

We see our playgrounds as more than just playgrounds.

Safe Place for Play

Our playgrounds provide a safe place for free play, essential to childhood development.

Learning Resources

Provide Educational Resources

Our playground model provides educational resources in schools that have limited books and limited educational resources. Our playground model is partly made up of large-scale interactive equipment that teachers can use as an extension of the classroom. We also train teachers how to make and teach with smaller scale learning resources.  Finally, we supply teachers with an accompanying curriculum that can be used with the more traditional playground equipment.

Empower Playgrounds

Generate light

Our playground model can generate power.  We have partnered with Empower Playgrounds, who have developed a merry-go-round that generates energy.  This energy then powers LED lanterns which students take home with them at night.

Empower Parents to Make Change within their Community

Our playground model empowers parents to create change in their community.  We work with parents from the start.  They help us design the playground, gather old tires (our chief material) and provide sweat equity in the construction of the playground.  This event serves as a catalyst for future action in their community.