Spotlight on Second-Generation projects in Myanmar

May 05 Spotlight

Five years after their first Play360 training in 2014, Noor Education Center continues to bring together multiple cohorts of young leaders to collaborate on at least one service project per year. Their main project is to build a Play360-style educational playground out of used tires and local materials to benefit a community orphanage or monastic school. They believe that this kind of service learning enhances young learners’ active citizenship skills and social responsibility of contributing back to their communities.

This is what commitment to community looks like. This is what sustainability looks like. We couldn’t be more proud of our Noor Education Center friends. And it is not just Noor, more than 20 second-generation playgrounds have been built by Myanmar trainees since 2014.

“It was very tiring, intense, and the weather was super hot. But what kept us going was to see them have fun playing here and enjoying the outdoor experience. Their smiles at last refilled all our lost energy and gave us a certain feeling that we could have never felt before. The teachers can now teach the kids using the method “learning by playing” which is something we couldn’t experienced in our childhood. This playground is one of the symbols of our country having a more satisfactory quality education in the future. It is the proof that when we youths join hands, great things are possible.”

Kaung Zarni Naing, Myanmar volunteer