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Belize: June 2018. Following an April 2018 project, three secondary playgrounds were built in northern Belize in June/July in partnership with Peace Corps volunteers and their local counterparts.

Ghana: July 2018. One large playground was built as part of a service learning project for a group of high school students from Kentucky.

Rwanda: August 2018. The second in a two-part series took place in partnership with an Indiana University summer study abroad program.

Ethiopia: November/December 2018. One large universal design playground was developed in partnership with the Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development and together with the local implementing partner organization.


Since our establishment in 2009, Play360 has hosted 25 training workshops resulting in 38 model playgrounds in 13 countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Peru, Guatemala, Haiti, Belize, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, The Philippines, and Mongolia. These projects have led to the construction of at least 81 additional playgrounds (that we know of) being built by community members in the aforementioned countries.

The schools and community centers that house the playgrounds vary in size, typically from 100 to 400 children served. We estimate approximately 200 children receive direct benefit from each playground in the year it is built, for a current total of 23,800, and that number grows significantly over the life of the playground.

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