x – Belize March/April 2018

Volunteer with Play360 March 27 to April 5 in Biscayne, Belize

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Join Play360 for an exciting, immersive volunteer opportunity this spring in Biscayne, Belize.  Experience Northern Belize’s people and culture in a meaningful way as our team works with the local community to build a school playground.  Volunteers play an essential role in furthering Play360’s mission of training organizations to build low-cost, sustainable playgrounds in order to improve education in the developing world. These unique playgrounds designed by Play360 are colorful, dynamic, and interactive, and provide opportunities for:smiles

  • students to learn essential social skills like cooperation and innovation;
  • teachers to expand and enliven classroom curriculum with accompanying lesson ideas;
  • parents and community members to become empowered and involved with their children’s school.

A unique experience to step away from the comfort of everyday life, volunteers will broaden their perspective, experience a different culture, and be of service in a meaningful way. Volunteers contribute skills and talents to help create positive, tangible change in a community. As an active participant in this team experience, volunteers will learn and reflect with the group on the experience’s challenges and rewards.


This volunteer opportunity will run from March 27  through April 5, 2018. This 10-day trip will includes multiple travel/excursions, participation in local Easter celebrations, and a focus on an elementary school project, including training for regional teachers. All playground pieces are built alongside community members and parents using locally sourced and repurposed materials including used tires and logs. Volunteers will have the opportunity to fully engage in the design and building process alongside Play360 team member as well as help lead teacher trainings to guide educators on best practices for incorporating elements of the playground into their curricula. Play360 welcomes and encourages your new and creative ideas in this process.

You journey begins at home with fundraising efforts before you travel to Belize, and continues after the program ends as we hope you will share the story of your experiences with your communities. Each volunteer on this ten-day Play360 service learning program is responsible for a program fee of $1775 USD which covers accommodations, some meals, in-country transportation, and excursions. It also covers the costs associated with building the playground.  This fee does not cover international airfare, passports, visas, or personal purchases; participants are responsible for these costs. Additionally, we ask that each volunteer consider setting a personal fundraising goal. This important contribution helps cover the costs of building the Belize playground, as well as paying it forward to help other communities to build or maintain more playgrounds.  Play360 will support your fundraising efforts by sharing a list of proven ideas, providing marketing materials, establishing a fundraising portal for you, and engaging in one-on-one brainstorming if you are interested.

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Questions? Email us at info@play360.org or submit a Volunteer Interest Form.