x – Alternative Spring Break 2015: Heather Oslund

“My personal dream is to positively impact the lives of others while minimizing negative impacts on our natural environment. In order to gain skills that can enhance my ability to achieve this dream I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Environmental Science and a Master of Public Affairs through Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) as well as a Social Entrepreneurship Certificate with the Kelley School of Business. This Spring Break, I will be travelling to Guatemala with Play 360 to teach a local organization and community to build fun and innovative educational tools.

Play 360 positively impacts communities around the world through Education, Sustainability and Fun. Showing communities how they can promote education, with what they already have available, is giving them the ability to grow and improve their everyday life. Facilitating the involvement of parents with the school and education of their children strengthens the entire community.

In order to ensure that many communities can benefit from this project, we partner with the local organization, FundAp, to give them the tools to bring these innovations to many local schools and communities after the initial playground build.

I am really excited that Play360 also includes environmental sustainability in using materials and tools that are available locally for building playgrounds. The playgrounds that Play360 teaches communities and organizations to build, give children innovative ways to have fun while learning while strengthening local communities.

To provide financial support for this initiative and future Play 360 projects around the world, I have committed to raising a minimum of $1000 before March 12th 2015. Any amount of contribution is greatly appreciated and I will share updates with you all along the journey. Thank you for considering supporting this initiative and I sincerely wish you the best of learning and fun every day!”