Transforming Education

Through Playgrounds


We thrive on the simple concept that innovation is an essential component for the success of future generations . The flexible design of playground construction and training programs encourages confidence as parents and teachers apply their creativity and critical thinking skills in new and exciting ways, modeling the process for their children and the community at large.


Play360 is a non-profit based in Bloomington, Indiana that trains organizations to build low-cost sustainable playgrounds as a means of improving education throughout the developing world.


Playgrounds foster skills needed for the 21st century: collaboration, cooperation, creativity, and innovation. A safe, inviting, dynamic playground gives children, in any community, the opportunity to challenge and explore their world on their terms.


Play360 trains local organizations who, in turn, work with many schools. Training local organizations is essential to wide-spread impact; local organizations are immediately connected with the language, the communities, and stakeholders. Emphasis on the local allows organizations to maintain, repair and expand playspaces and learning resources as needed.


Play360 playgrounds are designed for widespread adoption. We use locally accessible materials such as concrete, tires and logs. Playgrounds are built with shovels, hammers, saws and machetes – tools readily found in almost all communities. Play360 provides a series of pictographic instructional books that allow community members - without the need of literacy skills - to build each playground element.

A look inside a Play360 Project

Each Play360 project is different, see below to get a taste of our activity through excerpts from the journal of one participant's experience in Tanzania.

Feb 02 News

Building in Tanzania

February 24th, 2017 | by Jason Mackenzie The final week of my stay in Tanzania is dedicated to conducting our training and building the playground.

Feb 02 News

A Tanzanian Road Trip

February 19, 2017 | Jason Mackenzie The other day I was sitting with our partner Walter at his family gathering intended for everyone to discuss

Feb 02 News

Learning, Planning, and Giving in Tanzania

February 16th, 2017 | Jason Mackenzie Greetings in Swahili take quite a bit of time. I fear I will never get passed even the simplest